Oh how very nice it all is
The bustle, the coffee cups and the shite talk
She doesn’t trust her boyfriend (if he is even that)
This random bus shite talker
How very great it all is
To have something going on
She has education and  coffee cups
And a fast paced heart
A caffeine sick soul

A slow metabolism for life’s hurdles
But a fast reaction

And some people long for that life
For mind numbing and  propaganda
Taylor Swift is catchy yeah
And she must be better than I am, so
(Well she is famous)
Not as famous as Hitler though
(He must be better still)
They both  have different ways to kill

The mob
You must have something going on
As many things as you can
Quantity over substance
The mob
The hazardous pricks
The mob of coffee cups
And, ha, education
Out of school like an educated fool

How very good it is
The head holes
The pseudo goals

The mob
The oblivion
The throb
The ever-going beat of  neediness
And consumption
I’m a fool for it too
I consume smoke
I consume when I don’t need to
But I think that they
Consume  themselves
Put themselves up high on some shelves
Beside the others that look, talk and  love
Just like them

I’ll go to war with Henry Charles B.
And hold the ground that allows me life


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