Thought for long enough
For sure it’s time to head
Time to ease the greed of picking fruit
From a land already dead

Time to go I guess I should
Try to live like Dharma says
Try to empty my big fat head

A Band-Aid that surely hurts to rip
You’re own fault girl
Told you twice
Not to get addicted to the trip

Ah yeah, the sweetness of connection
Can’t draw blood from stones
Nor should you seek long lasting affection
Soulmind slaps the ego’s face for craving the boy’s attention
It’ll never happen, it never really could
Dharma girl stay far away from things that look too good
Only when you close your eyes will you find everlasting love
If you concentrate enough, the Dharma says you surely would

No time for you to recompense
An almost love that made no sense
Be it metaphysics or chemistry
Be glad you got to feel his energy
And recall it with an image of his lovely, happy face
Maybe it could keep you safe

Your restless heart breeds the urgency
For you to tame right down your fervency
And you’ll become a zealot of emotionless peace
Learning like a child in training
Not to yearn for things that burn and disappear
And so you see your path is clear

The only road is for you to quell
The passion fruit that fuel your hell
Your oxymoron life
It’s the pleasant things that bring you strife

Don’t waste a single moments wisdom
The slightest time was just enough
Did you guess that fate would disclose
That neither chose to call the others bluff

Though how much I wish we could have spent
A few afternoons in bed
Three bottles of red each
With a microscope to his head
Maybe he’d finally concede
To my cataclysmic lava spill
A momentary truthful break
From my unwavered perfect still

Stopped rolling long enough
for a heart of stone to gather moss
Pick it up, kiss it and proceed to scrape it off
There’s no time to wait around
You surely see each other’s fate
Feel no loss from the hand your dealt
And let it hold no abstract weight

Tune back in, to move in tandem
With the weightless, eastern way
And all the pains of my human dumb
Will surely melt in the eastern sun





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