Go on, Go ’way

The constant face of catatonia
The gaunt and elegant face of void
The blank fucking wall where which I bounced my needy thoughts,
Off the wall, in my grasp
Off the wall, in my grasp
The same empty return
The face that barely twitched
As I spilled my soul on a greasy table top
The fuck that fucked me up
And depleted sweet ego to nothing
The face that only changes to sniff the scent of fresh flowers or to voicelessly say
‘I told you so’
The face I kissed with warmth dismissed
The sack of meat, that part of cosmos
That barely vibrated , that I vibrated for
The dead end Cul de Sac
That looked real nice but went nowhere
The dead man is gone

The frequent fix that killed my will
I hope you lessen day by day
What I might have attained
Is lost in dirty memory,
An image stained with dead eyes
Two, only two times did I vocalize my unheard cries
Your  slow, slippery, slither, quality lies
Blatant snakery, shaking our foundation of all but fakery
And there’s no harm in getting belligerent
Lower levels of cosmos
The brain is dead, not well fed
Poisoned instead
Not just from substances but from where attention lays
Mindless computer games in a daze
Phase out slowly,
I’ll try to coldly neglect the lump of death that was left in my chest

Go to where you’ll go
Some of where you were before I met you
And some of somewhere else
Blabber mouthing about the side of the universe you never met
Out with some lay with a wet spot between the legs
Talking illusions, image-thought confusion,
Hallucinations of solid reality walls
Get hit by reason, watch it, it crashes
It falls
Big costumes for men who feel small
Big grins for men with no teeth at all
A straight jacket for a backboneless sack of homeliness
A nest egg full of empty kegs and useless legs
Wheelchair barer, stare at the fair ones
Seduce them with lies till they’re beside you long enough to develop blind ties

The room with mirror walls
Only reflects the self
A mind to be checked
The only echoed sound,
The illusions of thought
The raw hallucinations my dream catcher never caught
Float in the air as I stare into space
Fucking rat race,
In tune to find one’s own pace

The toxic drug I spill into my mouth
Is the ink from the quill that finally got out



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