On a Dublin City Busker

As the evening begins to settle, the fresh night air is ornamented with the sounds of various upbeat Irish songs coming from various traditional bars. The streets are splashed with American and European tourists all having a good time. A Garda car pulls up beside a street busker who is playing Chuck Berry and wearing a hat to keep his head warm.

‘Can I see your license please?’ they say to him,

‘I left it at home Garda’ the busker is apologetic,

‘It’s passed eleven; you can’t be playing music passed eleven’.

The busker hangs his head a little and proceeds to dismantle his mic stands as the Garda car drives smoothly on down the road. As it approaches the corner up ahead, the busker notices that his shoe lace is untied and craftily bends down to tie it as he looks at the car turning the corner in the domain of his peripheral vision. The car is gone and up he stands with his shoe now tied and assembles his mic stand again.

‘Any requests?!’ he shouts to his street audience and they applaud him. He swings off into Ray Charles Hit The Road Jack and the vibes are pulsating again.

After sometime he gets tired and packs up his kit. Walking down the road to the bus stop he sees business men in suits with nice lady’s on their arms, out spending all of their and keeping the economy going. To his left is a homeless man with one eye, wrapped up nicely in his sleeping bag with a dirty old coffee cup with some loose change in it. The busker reaches into his pocket for some change that he made and fills the homeless man’s cup up about a quarter of the way. He made enough money tonight to do that.

On his walk he meets the Liffey and it seems to swell as it reflects the street lamps glow which hue the city with its orangeness. The taxi men don’t know how to drive and they beep at him as he hastily crosses the street. Young crowds in tracksuits stand on street corners outside grocery shops as they wait for some excitement to come and grace them.

This city he thought, from the high end Grafton Street Bustle and the Trinity Students, to the hearty homeless on the street and everything in between, I think I’ll write a song about the city when I go home. Yeah, That’s what I’ll do.

6 Best Eye Exercises for Double Vision



What is Double Vision?

Double vision (also known as Diplopia) is a condition of distorted or doubled vision. It occurs due to the confusion of light as it enters the cornea.

The corneas primary function is to focus light as it enters the eye to create a clear and accurate image of the scene in which the looker sees. It is largely caused by the corneas shape becoming distorted or warped. This can be the result of eye strain, nasty eye infections or cataracts.

So seeing as the main issue is from the misshaped cornea, exercises that aid the restoration of the eyeballs original, round shape would naturally be the best known treatment for this issue. Eye glasses are a means of aiding vision, but often times they do not attack the root of the problem, merely provide short term relief.


Dr. William Bates

Dr. William Bates, founder of the famous Bates Method was an eye doctor from the late 18th Century. The Bates method is a widely proven, alternative treatment that aims at recovering vision and eye health by restoring the eyeball to its original shape and using various exercises to strengthen the eyes most necessary muscles. It has been by millions of people around the world, including esteemed writer, Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World and The Art of Seeing. Aldous Huxley suffered from extremely blurry vision, to the point of near blindness, he claims to have cures his sight by coming into contact with the teachings of Dr. Williams Bates. He then went on to write several books and live a normal life with massively improved sight.


In Dr. Bates esteemed theory, he points out that there are six muscles surrounding the eyeball, which serve the purpose of fixation and movement, allowing the eye to move up and down and from side to side so that we can look around. These muscles are very susceptible to being overworked and often, because of eye strain, they put an overload of tension on the eye ball, causing its shape to becoming abnormal.

This series of exercises aims at relieving tension to help the eye resume to its original shape.


  1. Relaxation

The first exercise involves some focus of the ability to be aware of one’s body.

You first need to calm your mind to be able to identify the current feeling around your eyes. Most people will find that they usually carry quite a lot of tension in this area, especially if they suffer from eye problems. So take a moment to close your eyes, away from all sound and get an actual feel for the area around your eyes and the eyes themselves. If you can feel any tension here, focus on relaxing all of the muscles. This will take pressure off the muscles and with contours practice allow the shape to resolve itself.


  1. Focusing Through Relaxation

Now that you have learned to relax, try the same exercise but with your eyes open. Try to focus on this both close up and far away without letting your eye muscles tense up again in their usual way. You are trying to break the mental habit patterns of eye strain.


  1. Swinging

This is originally a Tai Chi technique. As you hold your thumb out in front of your face at arm’s length, you try to keep you attention on your thumb as you swing your upper body from side to side. Your spine should be erect as to avoid any injury.

This exercise helps the entire body to relax, including the neck and shoulders and promotes seeing in the right way along with getting your eyes used to quickly moving surroundings.


  1. Palming

Simply use your palms to covers both of your eyes; this gives them a chance to dwell in utter darkness, giving them a chance to naturally recover without any light interference.


  1. Sunning

Sunning involves closing your eyes whilst outside on an overcast day as you face up to the sky, allowing your muscles to get used to the presence of light in a safe way.


  1. Movement

Moving your eyes up and down, left to right and in circular motions is a good way of both strengthening and relieving tension from the muscles.

This should be practiced while maintaining the relaxation stated as stated above.



You can check out from many different sources online about the Bates Method for Improving Vision.

You can also check out the book by author Aldous Huxley The Art of Seeing which illustrates his journey to success while using this method.

Dharma girl, No lava spill


Thought for long enough
For sure it’s time to head
Time to ease the greed of picking fruit
From a land already dead

Time to go I guess I should
Try to live like Dharma says
Try to empty my big fat head

A Band-Aid that surely hurts to rip
You’re own fault girl
Told you twice
Not to get addicted to the trip

Ah yeah, the sweetness of connection
Can’t draw blood from stones
Nor should you seek long lasting affection
Soulmind slaps the ego’s face for craving the boy’s attention
It’ll never happen, it never really could
Dharma girl stay far away from things that look too good
Only when you close your eyes will you find everlasting love
If you concentrate enough, the Dharma says you surely would

No time for you to recompense
An almost love that made no sense
Be it metaphysics or chemistry
Be glad you got to feel his energy
And recall it with an image of his lovely, happy face
Maybe it could keep you safe

Your restless heart breeds the urgency
For you to tame right down your fervency
And you’ll become a zealot of emotionless peace
Learning like a child in training
Not to yearn for things that burn and disappear
And so you see your path is clear

The only road is for you to quell
The passion fruit that fuel your hell
Your oxymoron life
It’s the pleasant things that bring you strife

Don’t waste a single moments wisdom
The slightest time was just enough
Did you guess that fate would disclose
That neither chose to call the others bluff

Though how much I wish we could have spent
A few afternoons in bed
Three bottles of red each
With a microscope to his head
Maybe he’d finally concede
To my cataclysmic lava spill
A momentary truthful break
From my unwavered perfect still

Stopped rolling long enough
for a heart of stone to gather moss
Pick it up, kiss it and proceed to scrape it off
There’s no time to wait around
You surely see each other’s fate
Feel no loss from the hand your dealt
And let it hold no abstract weight

Tune back in, to move in tandem
With the weightless, eastern way
And all the pains of my human dumb
Will surely melt in the eastern sun